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Rollo (pronouced Rah-lo), is a 12 year old male cockatiel.  He escaped when the bottom of his cage fell accidentally.  He loves people, and I am certain that when he gets ready, he will come to visit some lucky guy or gal.  He can wolf-whislte, sing the "Andy Griffith" show theme song, and "call the dogs".    If you happen to be that lucky soul, or know him or her, please contact me at  Rachel.Murray.iii@gmail.com     My phone number is also a good way to contact me: 601-759-0036

  I am  sick with worry, and regret, and I know that he is very scared. I  am offering a $200.00 reward for his safe return.

Update :12-7-1  There is a very real possibility that he is down the street in some woods. You can read my blog for some details on what I have learned and how I am putting that knowledge to use.  This page is still up, with all of his details just in case I'm wrong, and he winds up with someone. 

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